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11 tips to help boost your fundraising for our 11th year!

  1. Coffee Morning Get those Nan’s baking, those Mum’s cooking and take cakes to work. Pick up your colleagues Monday blues with a cupcake!

  2. Host a gin night Instead of going for a night out on the town, grab your friends and host a gin night in! Make sure you are playing some 80s tunes to get yourself in the disco mood!

  3. Ebay List your good quality unwanted items on the auction site, adding the profits to your fundraising!

  4. Ironing Everyone hates ironing, so this one will make you popular with your friends and family. Charge a fee and watch the sponsorship steam roll its way in. If you’re feeling cheeky enough, ask your partner to iron whilst your training!

  5. Dress Down Day! If you work in an office, colleagues might be keen for an opportunity to dress down for a small fee to help support your fundraising!

  6. Hand out IOU’s for cash! Offer your services once you have finished your training, perhaps looking after a friends dog for the weekend, helping a family member to move house or doing a neighbours gardening!

  7. Remember that around 20% of donations come in after the event, so remember to email out your JustGiving page & ask for sponsorship after the event. Add photos & gruelling details on how hard it was to your JustGiving page & email.

  8. Fundraise at Work Use emails, pigeonholes, put posters on notice boards and add your JustGiving page to your email signature. Ask your company if they will match fund what you raise or put your JustGiving Page on their website and intranet.

  9. Collect your sponsorship straight away people may forget they owe you money and it saves you time having to collect your sponsorship from all your sponsors after the challenge
  10. Host an Abba quiz night put your knowledge to the test and get in the 80s mood by creating some Abba questions - the winner takes it all!

   11. Have a social media jar If you exceed your daily screen time, put a pound in the pot!

Boost your fundraising!

Top TIps for Fundraising